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A *Slightly* Different Direction for Motherhood Empowered

Greetings Fellow Mamas-

No one has been left unchanged by the events of the past year. I have pondered thoughts and taken action in ways I never thought I would have. I have surprised myself with how much I can hold, as well as how much I can let go. The mother's experiences I have been honored to hear about during this pandemic have been nothing short of astonishing. The creativity, the digging deep for strength, the courage mustered up to soldier on, the surrender of control, the emotional break-downs, the spiritual build-ups; all of these stories have both steadied my heart and also knocked me off balance in amazement. It has left me, once again, with deep gratitude and reverence for how strong we are strong as mothers, as women, as humans.

I have personally shed many layers over the past year, ones I never knew I even needed to shed. I have also breathed deep into very tight and tangled parts of myself that sought healing and understanding. Through the personal work of the last year, I have brought more alignment into my life. Motherhood Empowered has been one of those tangled parts that now, with more space and time to let it mature, feels more aligned than ever. I realized I was trying to pack too much into something so sacred, like trying to ride all the rides at Disney World in one day (yes, Disney World is a sacred me...haha). I want to pour more focused intention into each thought and creative endeavor that Motherhood Empowered takes. Thus, you will see more focused blog posts. I want to give YOU, dear reader, the information YOU want and need in this season of life we call motherhood.

The blog posts will still be loaded with well researched information about parenting, self care, self love, and empowering ways to live your best life as you navigate motherhood. The Motherhood Empowered blog will also highlight personal and professional anecdotes. Most importantly, it will make you feel seen for the incredible woman and mother you are.

I believe our personal stories need to be shared for humanity to grow, become more compassionate, and increase inclusion for unique life experiences. To align with this potent belief, I have created...


A SECOND blog-child called Ponder & Nourish!

Ponder & Nourish is a personal blog dedicated to liberating my own innovative and healing ways of thinking, feeling, and living to capture the beauty and blessings of everyday. I will be sharing more of my personal stories, insights, and allow for the more fluid, deep, and sensitive parts of me to shine bigger and brighter. Through Ponder & Nourish, I aspire to inspire YOU to harness your own fertile and uniquely gifted ways of seeing yourself and the world. Through embracing and nurturing what is different about ourselves and the way we perceive the world, we can inspire others to do the same. The more we can challenge the way things "should be," the more we can grow as individuals and as a collective.

Check out Ponder & Nourish

I am really looking forward to what the year of 2021 has in store for us. I hope that both Motherhood Empowered and Ponder & Nourish can be a place of love, safety, and acceptance as you and your loved ones walk your life paths.

With Love,


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