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How To Say YES Intentionally



"Yes :)"


Do you ever say this word in response to a request for your time, your energy, your money, or your skills and talent when you really mean "no?" Empowering yourself to make an informed and intentional "yes" decision takes more self reflection and reverance for your desires. Learning to say "no" boldly and without apology is making another critical step toward yourself and connecting with your truth.

Often we say yes because we feel obligated or duty bound. We may say "yes" when we really mean "no" because we don't want to hurt someone's feelings or be left out. We even say "yes" when we are depleted of the very thing that is being requested. We say "yes" without thinking about it and then wonder why feel tapped out.

Saying "yes" can become an intentional practice instead of being an automatic reaction.


The first step is breaking the habit of giving the automatic, impulsive "yes."

Pause when a request is made. Take a breath and tune in to your intuitive knowing.

It is okay to buy yourself time. You do not need to answer right away. You can say, "I will get back to you," or "sounds interesting, I need to think about it."


We then can ask the question, "how does this request benefit/fulfill me?" Listen and try not to judge or question your answer. Seek to trust that intuitive part of you that has your best interest at heart.

A follow up question is, "how does this request benefit/fulfill others and does my involvement fit with my values?" A request for your time and energy may bring joy or help to others, but if it is not aligned with you and your values, going through with it may just be a flat experience for all parties. Mamas your time and energy are so valuable, do not waste it on things that are not mutually beneficial in some way.

Ask, "Do I WANT to? You are a grown, empowered woman, no one can tell you what you HAVE to do. You can determine what you attach fulfillment or obligation to.

Just because you can do something, does mean you want to. Just because something is challenging, it does not mean that you want to. Just because it's easy, does not mean that you want to. Genuinely ask yourself if what you are about to agree to is something you actually WANT, not just something you should or shouldn't do.


If you intentionally decide to say "yes," I encourage you to go FULL OUT! Get all you can out of it and give 100%. Maximize all the joy and gratitude you can. Make it worth your time because YOU are worth your time!

Anything to add? Please comment below and talk about how you empower yourself to say "yes" intentionally.

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