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What is Your Motherhood Philosophy

Did you always dream of becoming a mother? Did the idea surprise you with a positive pregnancy test? Or did it slowly tiptoe in through the years? However you came to stand at the threshold of this journey, here you are. All of you. This can be a scary realization as you face not just the act of taking care of yourself, but also raising decent human beings from a tiny seed to and through adulthood. Just looking at the path ahead can be overwhelming, let alone living it. Developing a motherhood philosophy can be a helpful guideline that allows you to see the forest through the trees. It can light up a dark road, simplify the complicated, and soothe your mama heart.

A motherhood philosophy is essentially like a mission and vision statement that evolves and expands with the flow of your life and season of parenting. It may shift depending on how old your children are, where you are in your spiritual growth, as well as how the world is revolving around you. This statement is uncomplicated and represents your spiritual, emotional, mental, and social understanding currently. You are FREE to use any words, phrases, and images that represent you and your motherhood journey. This statement can be used to help make easy AND difficult choices, create space for you to ground and collect your thoughts, feelings, and desires, as well as a platform to speak your truth.

Each woman’s philosophy will be unique and not to be copied or taken by another. It is as special as a finger print. Too often we look to books, experts, gurus, and trusted others’ “tried and true” methods of parenting and transforming into a new identity. A way to empower yourself is to define your OWN method. Sure, you can use information and knowledge from other sources; just use it in a way that makes sense for you.

There are three key parts to a motherhood philosophy

1. Outcome

This is the ultimate goal you are looking to achieve. It is over-arching and broad, yet specific enough that it gives you clarity. Examples would be; “To raise confident and compassionate children,” or “To be an empowered leader for my family.” Your ultimate goal will be the touchstone for any decision, situation, or event that comes up in your motherhood journey. It should resonate loud with an emotional pull.

2. Process

The process is how you are going to get to your goal. Name 3 specific ways you will move closer to your goal. An example would be (If the goals was “To raise confident and compassionate children”) “model compassion toward myself, create opportunities for my children to build life skills, and continue to highlight my and family’s strengths.” The three specific ways are the foundation you begin and end your day. If nothing else is accomplished, these 3 ways are what remains.

3. Follow Through and Reflection

Follow through and reflection are important because they let you know what is and what is not working for you. Here is where you balance effort and surrender. You remain consistent in your goal and process and surrender to the result of your effort. When you reflect, you have an opportunity to see your strengths and where you would choose to refine. The follow through and reflection is a continuous cycle of self-exploration and creating internal and external harmony. You do not need to judge or criticize yourself or others around you. Instead, practice being with, leaning into, and honoring “what is.” You can choose to go through this process by setting aside some space to meditate, journal, walk alone or with a friend, art, music, sauna, whatever YOU want.

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